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CompuCell3D 19th User Training Workshop July 28th - August 4th, 2024

We are pleased to announce the 19th Annual Multicell Virtual-Tissue Modeling Online Summer School and Hackathon for 2024! This year's workshop will take place virtually between Sunday, July 28th and Sunday August 4th, 2024. We would very much appreciate your help in letting your colleagues and students know about this opportunity. A flyer announcing the workshop will be distributed soon.

This year's summer workshop will focus on the basics of building virtual tissue models modeling using CompuCell3D, as well as advanced features and capabilities of the CompuCell3D software. A two-day model-building Hackathon will be hosted the weekend after the workshop, from Friday August 9th to Sunday August 11th. Workshop attendees will work in teams to build a functioning model of their problem of interest with instructor support. Workshop attendance is required for admission to the hackathon. Attendees of previous workshops may apply to attend only the hackathon. If you are already a proficient CompuCell3D user and would like to lead a project or assist with the hackathon, please contact us directly to discuss.

Summer school attendance guarantees admission to the Model-Building Hackathon. The Hackathon organizers will help group attendees by topic of interest. Experienced modelers will be embedded within each group. Workshop instructors will be available to assist Hackathon participants throughout the two-day session. Everyone will leave with a functioning core model that they can further customize.

Important Dates:

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Registration and Contacts:

You can register for the CompuCell3D 2024 course here.

Please make sure that the email address compucell3d.iu@gmail.com is on your whitelist so it doesn't get marked as spam!

If you have any questions please contact <compucell3d DOT iu AT gmail DOT com> or check at CompuCell3D.org.
You can also follow us on twitter @CompuCell3D.

Pre-workshop Events:

Orientation meetings for the 2024 CC3D Workshop will be held in advance of the workshop in June and July (dates TBD). If you are unable to attend one of these sessions, you can view the recordings on YouTube and download the slides at your convenience. The orientation will include a number of important links, a step-by-step tutorial on using CompuCell3D, as well as a preliminary course schedule.

At least one hackathon discussion and teaming meeting will be held in advance of the workshop (dates TBD). If you are planning to attend the hackathon, these meetings will be a good way to start thinking of a topic and find potential teammates with similar interests.

Intro to Python:

July 28th, 2024 (TENTATIVE)

We will have a one day Python training class on Sunday, July 28th. This class is optional and meant as an introduction and refresher course for programming in Python. if you are comfortable using Python this can be skipped.
The meeting will be held via Zoom. More details coming soon

Tissue Modeling with CompuCell3D:

July 28th - August 4th, 2024 (TENTATIVE)
The Workshop will be held via Zoom. More details, including a list of planned topics, will be posted soon.

Model-Building Hackathon:

August 9th - 11th, 2024 (TENTATIVE)
The hackathon will be held via Zoom. More details coming soon.

Class Announcement, flyers, etc.:

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Network Modeling Virtual Summer School & Symposium, remote and at University of Washington.

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