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CompuCell3D is an open-source simulation environment for multi-cell, single-cell-based modeling of tissues, organs and organisms.

It uses Cellular Potts Model to model cell behavior.

This project is funded by the NIH and EPA.

Compucell3D is led by Maciej Swat (IU), James Glazier(IU) and Roshan D'Souza (U.Wisc. Milwaukee)

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Multi-Scale Modeling of Tissues Using CompuCell3DM. Swat, Gilberto L. Thomas, Julio M. Belmonte, A. Shirinifard, D.Hmeljak, J. A. Glazier, Computational Methods in Cell Biology, Methods in Cell Biology 110: 325-366 (2012)


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3.7.3 version of CC3D is out

Visit download page for binaries and release details

Tutorial - Multiscale, Cell-based Modelling in Biological Development and Cancer (using CompuCell3D), University of Stuttgart

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August 10th—August 16th, 2014, The Hamner Institutes for Health Sciences, Research Triangle Park, NC, USA

Registration Closed

IMPORTANT: We will host a one-day Workshop on Python Programming on Sunday, Aug 10th, 2014 that is designed to increase participants' familiarity with Python. this event is optional but if you feel you need to refresh your Python knowledge this is a good opportunity to to so. See Tentative Agenda for more details

Workshop Poster

We are pleased to announce our 10th user training workshop. From more information please visit: CompuCell3D and SBW User Training Workshop

CompuCell3D Mini-Workshop — June 14th Gothenborg, Sweden - part of ECMTB 2014

We are pleased to announce CompuCell3D mini-workshop that will take place during ECMTB 2014 international Conference (please see http://ecmtb2014.org/minisymposia for detailed schedule of the conference). It is a great opportunity to get familiar with CompuCell3D, talko to developers and fellow scientists. We are hoping to see you there!

CompuCell3D mini-workshop - detailed information

Cellular Potts Modeling in Biology Mini-Symposium — June 18th Gothenborg, Sweden - part of ECMTB 2014

We are pleased to announce a mini-symposium on applications of Cellular Potts Model in mathematical biology. This event is a part of ECMTB 2014 international Conference (please see http://ecmtb2014.org/minisymposia for detailed schedule.

MiniSymposium detailed information

CompuCell3D Presentations from the conference Toward the 3D Virtual Cell - UC San Diego - Atkinson Hall, December 13-14, 2012.

New CompuCell Simulations have been published:

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