Parallel CompuCell 3D

Parallel CompCell3D is supported on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Compilation of parallel CompuCell3D looks identical to compilation of serial code.

***NEW*** CC3D Version 3.7.5

This version includes improved player and many convenience features in Python scrip ting which make model development much easier.

New Features

Binary distribution packages:

Windows - 32-bit and 64-bit

Note: If CC3D does not run properly on your machine with NVidia card you can try non-gpu version of the binaries - in this case get setup-no-gpu-xxx.exe file. xxx stands for version number and revision number of current CC3D:

Mac OS X - including ElCapitan binaries

Installation Instructions for Mac OSX Binaries


Installation Instructions for Linux Binaries

Need older release?

Old releases

BionetSolver is deprecated as of 3.7.2

Starting with 3.7.2 we will discontinue upgrades, bug fixes etc for Bionet-Solver. However, we will continue bundling it with binary packages for most platforms (OSX 10.9 is an exception due to compilation issues) but we ask CC3D users to consider using SBML-Solver which is a much better choice for working with SBML models inside CC3D. To get started with SBML-Solver please see Python Scripting Manual for CompuCell3D 3.7.2

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